Timber sources and species

milling-wattle-tall.jpgMost of our timber comes from trees which have fallen over durings storms or cyclones - or are being removed by the owners for other reasons.

Logs are milled to suit and seasoned on site. A wide range of timbers have been gathered over many years and allows us to produce furniture with a distinctive personality as required by our clients preferences.

Available timbers include:

- Southern Silky Oak
- Queensland Maple
- Red Cedar
- Red Tulip Oak
- Mango
- Leichart
- Bluegum
- Hoop pine
- Camphor Laurel
- Satin Sycamore
- Sheoak
- Black Wattle
- Red Stringybark
- White Cedar

This is just a sample - our collection of fine timber is always changing.

Bluegum log

Bluegum Log

I was given this beautiful Blumegum last week. It's limbs were falling too close to a house so the property owner chose to cut it down. The main trunk is 12 metres long. A log this large could weigh close to ? kg's. So moving a piece of timber this large is a significant undertaking.

Kuranda wattle tree on Lyal's truck

Kuranda Wattle

A few months ago a woman in Kuranda offered us some wattle trees that were hanging over her building site. The trees were of several varieties - all good furniture timbers.

I got my mate Lyal to drop the trees, then hired a backhoe to drag the logs out to the road and pile up the huge amount of branches and debris that was left behind.

Because there was lawyer cane in the trees, one tree falling would pull branches out of other trees as far as 100 feet away, resulting in unbelievable tangle to be cleanup up. We loaded the logs on a truckand carted them to Lyal's workshop.

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